Thursday 19 November 2009

Four questions about learners' needs and expectations

Ahead of my keynote with Rhona at the JISC e-learning conference, here are four questions I think are relevant to addressing learners' needs and expectations - and thinking about why needs and expectations might not be the same.

What capabilities will today's learners need in 2020? (Which of these capabilities have 'digital' aspects and what do they look like?)

What do learners arriving at HE and FE need to make the best of their learning experience? (What do they need if they are to make the best use of technologies to support their learning?)

What experience will learners get from HE and FE that they can't get from other kinds of learning (especially informal, technology-enabled learning)?

What do learners want or expect from HE and FE that present challenges to the existing practices of institutions (especially around technology)?


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